Online Slots With the Coolest Cars


Online casino slots come with so many designs and themes to help cater for their different clientele. The most popular slot games are those that offer great prizes but do not require much skill or practice to play. Players can also look forward to the chance to win free spins upon playing certain slot games. The jackpot symbols might take some time getting used to, but they’re often worth waiting for. You should start by reading as much about these types of games as possible. Then when you feel more confident, try out one or two before deciding which is right for you. For now, here are some car-themed slots that we know you will love.

SuperSpeed Reels

If you like your racing games fast then this game is definitely for you! This 5-reel video slot features 3 rows and 20 paylines. In a race between 6 different cars, it is up to you to decide who wins the top prize. There is a choice of multiple bonus features including an auto-stop feature that lets you decide what speed your vehicle will drive at each turn. If that isn’t enough, there’s also a ghost reel feature too.

Fast Lane

This 5 reel slot has 12 paylines. It comes complete with three bonus rounds: Lucky Wheel Bonus, Lightning Round Bonus and Free Games Round. All three of these bonuses have you driving through various cities in the US. On every spin, you will be presented with a wheel of fortune where you can pick from five golden coins or one of six cars. When you get a winning combination on any of the bonuses, the number of times you won will appear on the screen. When all three of the bonuses are rolled, you’ll hit the lightning round, which gives you 30 free spins. During that time, the same sevens and bells bonus images are available, along with a free spin scatter symbol.

All Reel Drive

In this game, you could find yourself driving around the desert on a motorbike. Once you reach the end of the track, however, you can hop off the bike and use your hands to fire bullets into targets. When all of the targets on the screen have been destroyed, you’re given four additional lives and you can continue shooting until either you or the computer decides that you’ve run out of ammo.

Wild Pursuit

There’s nothing cooler than seeing a wild pursuit in real life. That’s why Wild Pursuit has added a little bit of excitement to its game design. Just like in real life, the police pursues a criminal onboard a police helicopter. You need to line up shots on your target if you want to avoid being caught by the authorities. As soon as you land a shot, though, the cops quickly turn away and head back towards to their helicopter. But don’t worry; once again, luck will come your way. At least you’ll have plenty of chances to score big.

Caribbean Cash

There are so many fun things to do on vacation, yet sometimes you just miss home. However, if you’d rather spend your holidays doing something other than gambling, why not head to the Caribbean? Here you will get to enjoy a unique experience full of fun and adventure. A large variety of casinos and hotels await you to satisfy your needs. And since you only just arrived, you can try your hand at playing the exciting card games.

Muscle Cars

In this game, players can choose whether they want to play solo, multiplayer or battle mode. They start by choosing from 10 different muscle cars to compete against the computer. Then they launch them down the runway, trying to make sure that they can keep control over their vehicles throughout the race. Players can bet on themselves, friends, or strangers to see how well they perform. Each person chooses his own car in the beginning, but after that, it’s a matter of survival. The last person standing gets the victory award.


The theme of Boomerang is more about the past than anything else. When you load this slot, you enter a world in which you can travel back in time. The goal here is simply to rack up as much as possible without getting caught. In order to do that, you must first figure out the correct strategy for each round. One of the key elements of the game is that it uses a set of symbols that act as reels. These reels move forward, and when they do, you can earn an extra payout.

Hot Wheels

One of the coolest attractions in the park was definitely Hot Wheels Racers, where kids of all ages would jump into a giant racing machine equipped with wheels that spun really fast and drove them down the tracks. Of course, we couldn’t get enough of those spinning machines! For our virtual version of Hot Wheels Racers, we recreated it using two different themes: one is based on classic cars, while the second is inspired by modern sports cars.