How to Pick the Best Online Slots Games for Real Money


When you play an online slot for fun, all you need to do is get comfortable with the game as well as your current situation. If you want to play for real money, then you should have some idea about what are the features of the game and how these can help you win big! The following paragraphs will shed light on some of the features which one needs to consider while trying out any new online slot machine.

The Graphics

All the games you see being played in casinos today are actually based on video clips that depict a reel-spinning along with colourful graphics. These advances in technology allow you to experience 3D images, fast motion graphics, vibrant animations and other cool visual effects at incredible speeds from just a single computer without having to download anything extra or buy anything expensive. With many new online slots featuring such eye-popping visuals, they look like a movie rather than a game. These improvements also make it possible for new players to enjoy playing slots without even experiencing any lag time.

 The Gaming Quality

Whether you use a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device, everything looks great because of the high-quality content being used. In fact, many of these newer online slots offer more action scenes and better bonus rounds than those available years ago. And if that wasn’t enough, you don’t even need to pay much attention during each game either since the sound design has been improved to include booming sounds that really set the stage for intense excitement and suspense.

As long as you are using a good internet connection, you should be able to find a lot of free slot games online that you can try out without spending a dime. However, if you feel like giving it a go, we suggest trying out the more advanced versions offered once you become familiar with the first few levels. This way you will be able to gain access to even higher quality games quickly.

Look at the Gaming Software Providers

Before choosing to play for real money or not, you should know who exactly makes it happen. Some casinos employ software developers from reliable companies but often times it is the casino itself that creates its own games instead of outsourcing it. It is important to know this before making a decision so that you aren’t disappointed later.

 Pick the Games With a Higher RTP

If you are planning on placing serious amounts of money into a particular slot game, then you should definitely choose one that offers a payout percentage of at least 95%. This means that there’s a very high chance of winning. There are two main reasons why high-paying titles tend to exceed this threshold. Firstly, it is because they are designed by reputable software companies. Secondly, they usually feature progressive jackpots that grow every time someone wins. Such slots are likely to attract more players and therefore have a greater probability of paying out huge sums over and above their normal profits.

Bonus Rounds

Most of us know that slot machines have varying degrees of bonus rounds depending on whether we are playing online or offline. But did you know that there are also several types of bonus rounds you can expect to encounter in any given online slot? We have listed some of the most common ones below:

Free Spins Bonus round

During this section, you will be asked to pick out specific symbols on the reels according to certain requirements as specified within the rules of the bonus round. It could ask you to choose between a symbol and another one or choose between two sets of symbols. Once you manage to correctly guess the answer to the problem presented, you may be rewarded with an entry into the next level. Sometimes you might also receive free spins as an additional reward.

Progressive Jackpot

This type of bonus round is unique because, unlike others, it does not involve picking a particular prize but rather involves multiple prizes instead. The progressive jackpots are often associated with popular themes such as space ships, dinosaurs, fantasy characters and even cartoon characters. These progressive bonuses usually award one huge prize when someone wins. Because there are so many chances to win during your play session, we recommend choosing the best paying machine based on the highest amount per line. You will notice that your chosen machine will start paying out after a number of lines, so you should increase your stake accordingly. If you do decide on a machine that pays out less per bet, then you are essentially losing time by waiting longer before getting paid.

Specials & Features

Some online slots feature special events that occur throughout the gameplay process. For example, some games might offer a chance to win something special when you manage to complete the spin without placing a wager. Other times, you might be awarded something special after collecting all the right symbols or winning three consecutive spins. In general, though, special features tend to be rare occurrences