The Most Used Payment Methods  For Real Money Gaming


Payment methods are a part of your safety measures while gambling. It is essential to find out the most effective, safe and trusted payment option available for real cash transactions. You can use different types of transaction methods depending on your preferences. And, this article is going to be giving you some of the different ways you can get to make deposits and withdrawals while gambling online.


One of the safest and most widely used services among gamblers. Paypal is an internet-based service that facilitates credit card processing over the Internet. In fact, there are plenty of websites that have Paypal accounts where you can make payments using them. This account comes with free of charge service. If you wish to pay something for it, you will need to sign up on their website.


Neteller has been operating since 1994. They offer various kinds of accounts such as business and personal ones. However, Neteller only offers US dollars as its currency. Nevertheless, if you wish to withdraw funds from any other country then you may not be able to do so directly. To avoid that problem, you could change to another online casino that accepts Neteller but you should check the terms and conditions before depositing or withdrawing your money.


This kind of method is popularly known as eWallet. EcoCard uses cards rather than passwords to protect users’ financial information. It also provides secure storage for your details and makes it easy for you to spend cash whenever you want without having your card in hand. Unfortunately, EcoCard is only available for US players. So, for those who are looking for more international options, you should look for alternative methods next time.

Bank Transfers

There are many ways through which you can deposit and withdraw money from your bank account. Bank transfers normally take longer compared to other methods like Neteller and ECOcard. But, they remain one of the best ways to send money across the globe. It also allows real-time tracking for every incoming and outgoing transfer. Moreover, when sending payments, you don’t require any credit card. All you have to do is choose between traditional bank transfers or electronic fund transfers (ETF).


Since 2013, Bitcoin continues growing rapidly. Its popularity increased by leaps and bounds due to its anonymity. That means no one knows your identity whatsoever because of the use of blockchain technology. As such, you can easily carry out financial transactions without worrying about your privacy getting compromised. However, you should note that bitcoin is still unregulated. As a result, you might want to play at sites that accept bitcoins if you intend to stay anonymous.

Credit Cards

Most casinos allow players to make deposits and withdrawals via credit cards. Generally speaking, credit cards are accepted everywhere including airports, restaurants, bus stations, hotels, gas stations, etc. Some casinos even have special arrangements with retailers such as Amazon and Walmart to provide instant credit card processing.

Besides that, credit cards are a much safer and convenient way of making deposits or withdrawals because they ensure the nimbleness of payments. With this, once you have received your earnings, you can start playing right away.


Skrill is a company based in the United Kingdom. Skrill provides various payment methods including MasterCard, Maestro, Solo, JCB, Ukash and Electron. You can use these cards to make deposits and withdrawals into your gambling accounts. Also, Skrill doesn’t store your credit card data unlike PayPal. However, some countries may ask for certain identification documents for security purposes. As such, check the terms and conditions of each provider before making any transaction.


Visa is a brand name owned by the global payment network operator VISA International Incorporated. This network has millions of debit, credit, prepaid, and commercial clients worldwide. Visa offers many different forms of payment services including credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, pre-paid instruments, and Virtual Cards. Since 2006, all gaming operators using VISA have been required to adopt PCI compliance standards.

According to their official website, VISA accepts most major currencies including euros, pounds sterling, Canadian dollars, and others. To be able to participate in online gambling activities, all you need to do is register an account on their official website. In addition to being safe and easy to use, VISA payment systems are also reliable.


Mastercard, also known as MC, is a brand name belonging to the American multinational corporation Master Card Worldwide Inc. Operating since 1958, Mastercard was originally focused on providing plastic payment solutions. Today, Mastercard has many competitors but it remains a leader in the digital commerce market. Mastercard operates both nationally and internationally.

Although not as popular as VISA, Mastercard does offer several advantages when making online purchases. One main benefit is that Mastercard allows people to buy things directly from merchants instead of going through banks. This makes shopping more affordable and saves time. Another advantage offered by Mastercard is protection against fraud. By storing only a secret number on your card, Mastercard ensures security while allowing access to your card details anytime.